The Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin -Approach Angles Solution-

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Ms. Lou was tired of her neighbors behavior. Ever since "those boys" moved in, their cars racing up and down the road had been a constant danger to her children. She was tired of it and wanted something done about it. She called the police department again.

Officer Bob got the radio call: "See the woman in regard to a reckless driver." When Officer Bob arrived he found Ms Lou upset. She tells the following story:

She had walked down the street to meet her children as they got off the bus. As the bus was letting the children off she saw a car pull into the middle of the intersection. The car got very loud and skidded around and around in the intersection. She said the car was smoking so badly that she could hardly see across the street. Fortunately her children were able to run and were not struck. She is sure they would have been struck had they not run. After smoking and skidding for a few minutes the car suddenly stopped, then drove slowly down the street. She saw the car pull into the neighbors driveway and drive behind their house. She is sure she can identify the driver of the car, but she can't be sure about identifying the car.

Ms Lou is adamant. She wants to prosecute. You as the responding officer are in charge of this investigation. You first decide to return to the scene. Ms. Lou leads you down the street to the bus stop. These are views of the roadway where the incident is reported to have occurred.

View looking east (102 Kb gif)

View looking west (87 Kb gif)

View looking north (93 Kb gif)

View looking south (85 Kb gif)

Close up of end of mark (83 Kb gif)

End of mark (127 Kb gif)

After viewing the scene you drive to the neighbors house to investigate. Your knock on the door is met by a 20 year old man and his two room mates. Ms Lou yells "That's him that's him. He's the one that did it". She is pointing to the young man that answered the door. The young men are cordial and responsive to your questions, but deny any involvement with the incident. You ask if you can look at the cars parked in the back yard. They reply you are welcome to examine them as long as you like and in any way you like. They continue to insist they are uninvolved.

You step out the back door to see three cars.

About this time a fourth car drives into the yard. It is an older Toyota Tercel. It is smoking badly. As you walk into the back yard you are generating a plan. Your intent of course is to match evidence form the scene to one of the cars. Here are some of the questions before you:

Approach Angles Solution

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