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What is ARnews?

ARnews is a freewheeling, uncensored forum to post a letter to the traffic accident reconstruction community in general. If you are familiar with an Internet news group you have the ARnews concept.

How ARnews is Used

If you have a question or comment for the community at large, you can post it in ARnews. Anyone that reads can respond to your note (also called a thread) by posting a public response. Each thread has a subject. The subject should be chosen carefully and summarize the thread. Here are some possible (and fictitious) uses of ARnews thread subjects.

It is not difficult to see that ARnews has the potential to make things happen more quickly than they have in the past. If the first investigator to see a rear hatch mini-van "inertia latch release" had started a thread, perhaps the problem could be recognized in several months, instead of several years.

Each thread is the title of an individual ongoing discussion. Four people may choose to respond. They may or may not agree, prompting yet another thread. The process continues to the point that everyone with something to say has said it. Assumedly, at this point some agreement has been reached. Minimally, the topic is rendered as undecided and provokes more tests or research.

ARnews utilizes Hypermail. Hypermail has several advantages over an Internet news group.

Who controls these discussions?

Nobody. Or more accurately, everyone. When someone is out of line, readers will tell him or just ignore him. Those people that say nothing and post frequently will be seen as loud. Those that do their research and say something they can support will be seen as well prepared. And those seeking help should be welcomed. If you have nothing to say then read. There are many knowledgeable people here. This is an opportunity to learn. Who are the listeners? Who are the talkers? They will be known in ARnews.

ARnews Rules

It is expected that news group Nettiquette be followed. Here are some general rules:

Who Can Participate ?

Anyone with an interest in the field of traffic accident reconstruction is welcomed. Most contributors will be:

How to Start a Thread in ARnews

You can begin a new thread by filling out the form at the bottom of the Thread Index Page. Include your signature in your post. ARnews allows the use of HTML. When you are through with your thread click the submit button. In order to view your thread, you must ask your browser to reload the screen. Your message will not be displayed until you click on reload.

Responding to a Thread

Each thread has a form supplied for a reply. To reply to the thread simply fill out the form, type your reply, then click on Submit. Again, to see your reply you must return to the thread index and reload the screen. The posting may take several minutes to appear. Continue to reload the screen until it appears. Submitting your reply several times will result in multiple postings of the same reply and not reflect well on you.

That's all there is to know about ARnews. If you have something to contribute, do so. If, not read. Get involved.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are those of the individual writers. This space is provided as a service to the traffic accident reconstruction community. TARO does not endorse, underwrite or license any post that does not originate from a address.

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