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Banner Advertising

All TARO pages contain prominently displayed banner advertisement in the header. This banner is the way to advertise your product to TARO readers.

In order to advertise in TARO you must design your banner then submit it to TARO. This 400 x 75 pixel graphic will be maintained on the TARO server. Each appearance of your banner will be linked to point to your web site. When a reader is interested by your graphic he can click on it and will be taken to your site from the TARO page he was reading.

TARO contents are updated on a quarterly basis. ARnews archives are updated on a constant basis. Your banner will be randomly rotated through all these TARO pages on a daily basis. The number of pages on which your banner will appear is a function of the number of current advertisers. At this point there are nearly 2000 TARO pages. With 20 advertisers you can expect your randomly rotated banner to appear 100 times. And remember, the pages on which your banners appear change every day. In this way you are assured that your banner will pass across the most recent and popular TARO pages.

Your banner is only one way for the reader to find your web site. When you choose to advertise with TARO your ad will also be listed in the Advertisers index. This alphabetical index is accessible from every TARO page through the Advertisers entry in the link menu (the highlighted text at the top and bottom of all pages). The Advertisers index will include your banner, a five sentence summary about your product, and another link to your web site.

On average, TARO pages receive more than a thousand hits per day. You can check the current activity by checking TARO statistics .

Advertising Rates and Submission Procedures

  • Banner Advertisements are billed at $50 USD per issue.

  • TARO is updated quarterly. Update dates are:

  • The deadline for banner advertising is the fifteenth day of the preceding month.

  • In order for your advertisement to appear for an entire quarter your payment should be received by this deadline date.

  • Service can be expected on the first day of the quarter.

  • Your banner (a 400 x 75 pixel *.gif) can be submitted on a 3.5 inch floppy with your payment or, you can send it via e-mail.

  • Animated Gifs are fine. They must be less than 50k in size.

  • Please indicate the target URL of the page you wish the banner to point to.

  • Include a five sentence summary about your company for the Advertisers Index on the floppy disk or in the e-mail submission.

  • Multiple banner purchases are billed at the same rate.

  • Mail your package to:

    TARO Advertising
    PO Box 6200
    Lake Worth, FL

  • E-mail submissions can be directed to

    Further questions can be directed via E-mail or call TARO at 561 965 1235.

    TARO reserves the right to refuse any advertising without cause.

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