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TARO is moving to a new location on the WWW Bill Wright

The Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin is moving to a new URL. Late in August will be replaced by the new domain name The appearance and features of this site will remain exactly the same. Only the URL will change.

I got my domain name by being the first to register for it with Network Solutions, Inc., the private company that distributes domain names. Initially, NSI's policy was that the rightful owner of a domain name should be decided on a first come first serve basis. Then they changed their minds and decided that the first holder of a trademark in any country should have the right to the domain name regardless of who got the domain name first.

In December of 1995, this site was nearly complete when I was contacted by a small drug company I'd never heard of before - TARO Pharmaceuticals Industries LTD. Their position was that an Israeli Trademark dated in 1954 gave them legal right to the domain name They requested that I relinquish the domain and go find a new one.

They readily admit that I was the first one to acquire and use the domain name. And yet this foreign corporation has come to America to tell me that I am supposed to stop using my domain name because of their Israeli trademark. My counsel ( Breffni Baggot of Storrs, CT) has told me that their request is unconscionable and their Israeli trademark irrelevant. My counsel has also told me that the policy of NSI is irrelevant to the issue because the law is determined by you and I through our elected representatives in Congress, rather than the whim of a private corporation. Neither Congress nor the courts have made any law on these issues yet.

I refuse to be intimidated. I am the rightful owner of the domain. I have faith in my counsel and the court's ability to follow the law.

In July of 1995, Taro Pharmaceuticals protested my use of the domain to NSI. Their foreign trademark was sufficient for NSI to recognize a difference of opinions existed over the right to the domain. The suspension of the domain is the consequence of my refusal to give up. So sometime soon will no longer bring you to these pages.

The commitment to an open forum for reconstructionists around the world remains. Please take the time to update your Bookmark or Hotlist to reflect the new URL I only hope TAROrigin is not the trademarked name of an asphalt company in some corner of the world.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone that has helped with contributions and links to this URL. Thank You. As you find the time, updating your links to the new URL would be appreciated.

TARO Pharmaceuticals site can be viewed at

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