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The Organization Directory is here to encourage participation in non-profit local, regional, and national traffic accident reconstruction organizations. You can keep others informed about the upcoming projects, meetings and training events of your group. This information will be posted and maintained free of charge in the Organizational Directory.

This space can also be used to announce the start of a local group. Are you interested in gathering your local talent? Use this space for an announcement of a organizational meeting. (Note: The TARO database indexes organization's by Name and Acronym so you must pick something for these fields (anything appropriate)).

For the purpose of this listing a non-profit group is one that has no paid staff, or charges a only an administrative registration fee (less than $50 ) for admission to a training event.

Entering Your Organization for the First Time

This is the form to fill out if your organization is not currently listed in the Organizational Directory. This procedure is very similar to the E-Mail Phone Book procedure. Any member of an organization can complete and submit the form.

In order to make an entry in the Organization Directory your name must appear in the E-mail Phone Book.

Just as with your Phone Book entry the maintenance of the directory entry is your organizations job. You can change your E-mail contact, password or announcement on line. You must also "hit" your directory entry at least once a year. This "hit" can be a modification to one of the items in the form. Or you can select the "hit" form on this page. This annual check will assure that all the listed Organizations are still active. The date of your Organizations expiration will appear at the bottom of your directory entry.

Organization Acronym:
Full Organization Name:
Organization Purpose:
E-mail Contact #1 (Name):
E-mail Address #1:
E-mail Contact #2 (Optional):
E-mail Address #2 (Optional):

Your Organizations URL (Optional)
Organization's Password (No Spaces)

Your Organizations Announcement:
(Note: Anouncement fields are limited to 65 characters)
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Review your form for accuracy then send it .

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