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TARO is proud to announce a new service to its reader: TARSearch

What is TARSearch?

TARSearch is a locator service for the TARO professional. Its sole purpose is to connect practicing traffic accident reconstructionists with lawyers seeking an expert.

TARSearch and its relationship to TARO

TARSearch is a new domain on the WWW ( From the users perspective, it will be only loosely affiliated with TARO. TARSearch will stand on its own and have a completely different look from these pages.

TARSearch will use the information in the TARO E-mail directory database. Just like the E-mail Directory, a TARSearch visitor will be able to search for his expert by name, topic, or location. If you have your own home page or Professional Profile they will be able to link to that site for more information about you.

How to be included in TARSearch

Inclusion on the TARSearch WWW page is free to TARO readers. The only thing you must do is check the YES box for Private Practice when you enter your name in the directory. Those entries that have checked NO will remain available in TARO, but will not be available in TARSearch. You can modify this status online at any time.

Why TARSearch?

The E-Mail Directory is a popular feature in TARO. Many readers have inquired about linking out to their own home page. TARSearch is an effort by the TARO editors to let this page evolve in a direction that meets the needs of its readers. It is evidence of the commitment to making this site the best WWW resource for the traffic accident reconstructionist.

The TARSearch Time Line

Your input on presentation methods or the execution of this page is welcomed. Please address your E-mail suggestion to, or use TARO Feedback.

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