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How to Include HTML in your Post

You can include HTML in your post. Here's how a post with HTML would look (italics for emphasis only):

Example #1

I recently worked an accident... ... as you can see the link broke just inside the ball joint.
<A href="">80Kb .gif</A>
Anyone that has seen similar...

The HTML open and close tags should be on a line by themselves. HTML can be opened and closed as many times as needed. Do not include an HTML tag that is inconsistent for use within the BODY of a document.


Just type the URL

There is an excellent reference at

Hypermail will recognize the URL and make it a link. In a similar fashion if you use your e-mail address in your signature, Hypermail will make it appear as a mailto link.

Complex Posts

If your thread or response is complex (several HTML links, in line images, you need spell checking etc.) you can compose it on your favorite word processor, proof it on your browser, then paste it into the form provided.

Posting via E-mail

There is another way to post a new thread. You can submit it via E-mail. To start a new thread you can leave your Web Browser and open your E-mail software (like Eudora, Prodigy mail etc.).Address your E-mail note to The title of your thread will be the Subject in your E-mail letter. Compose your thread as you would normally write a letter. Include your signature in your post, then send it as you would any E-mail.

Replying via E-mail

You can also reply to a thread via E-mail. To a thread titled ORIGINAL SUBJECT send your response to and give it the subject Re: ORIGINAL SUBJECT. Notice the original thread title is preceded by "Re: " (Re, colon, space). The original subject must be typed exactly. It is Upper/Lower case sensitive. Hypermail should recognize your E-mail as a response to a thread and link it accordingly.

One Additional Note

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