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The Net, Finance and TARO Bill Wright

In many ways the Internet is still looking for itself. Its potential is extraordinary. But an internet presence costs money. And like it or not, the success of the net will depend in a large part on money.

How does this relate to TARO? The TARO financial concept is very simple. Space should be provided free of charge for information that would serve the traffic accident reconstruction community. The E-mail Directory, ARnews, and the Organization Directory are examples of these types services. More such services are in the works. TARSearch is a new TARO service that will advertise your reconstruction buisness to the legal community. A contemplated future TARO service is a catalog of common DXF files (like cars, signs etc.).

How are all these features to be paid for? The answer is advertising. Now the thought is complete. Advertising will pay for the free access to the information. This is not a new idea. Your favorite commercial television station operates in just such a fashion. The costs to make, then broadcast the program are paid for by those wishing exposure to the audience. That is the TARO financial equation in a nutshell. Those people wishing exposure to the TARO audience will pay a fee that covers the production and overhead of TARO services.

With television, the advertising comodity is well known. It is time. If you want to advertise your product you pay for the time slot. On the web, the comodity is less clear. Here, links equate to exposure. TARO's revenue will come from selling links. Unlike paying for time on television, linking for a fee is relatively new idea. In truth a link is only a line of HTML. Then again, a commercial is only 30 seconds of time. Just as the 30 seconds of time bought for a commercial supports the TV broadcast, the sale of links from TARO will support its content.

There is one more relavent observation in this metaphor. With television, the value of the time sold for advertising is directly related to the program it which it appears. The better the program, the bigger the audience. The bigger the audience, the more valuable the time. TARO fully understands this relationship. It is therefore the recognized challenge of this page to be the best internet resource available for the traffic accident reconstructionist.

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