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See a sample Professional Profile

See another sample Professional Profile

Where to start
In order to have your Professional Profile listed, you must first be in the E-mail Directory. The E-mail Directory is how most people will access your profile. If you are not listed yet, do that now.

Charges for maintaining your Professional Profile

The fee for carrying your personal Web page, your Professional Profile, is $99 per year. This includes one graphic and one hypertext link. To give you a chance to test the value of this form of personal advertising, the first year is offered free of charge. But, there is a catch. At the end of a year you face the decision of whether or not you wish to pay for this service. Your first free year obliges you in no way. You will not accrue any charges for the continuation of this service without your expressed consent.

The Catch
Here's the catch. Every page you view on the WWW is written in a language called HTML. In order to display your CV or resume on the web, your document must be changed to be compatible with HTML standards. You have three options to accomplish this conversion.

Converting Text to HTML (Choose Option 1-3)

  1. Do It Yourself
    If you are resourceful and have a little programming background, you can:
    HTML is not difficult. Ten hours is a fair estimate of the time required if this is your first HTML task. If your work is consistent with the Professional Profile Guidelines listed below, it will be loaded into TARO's server free of charge.

    Doing it yourself is a good idea for another reason. A working knowledge of HTML will help you write more meaningful posts in ARnews.

  2. Find Someone to Convert your Document
    There are thousands of Web Page Designers eagerly advertising and available both locally and here on the WWW. While you are here you can link to the yahoo search engine . Once there enter the words Web Page Design or internet providers. Then click on search. You can link to someone that can properly format your document. Be sure they closely follow the Professional Profile Guidelines below.

    If you are new to the Web and are in the process of subscribing to an internet provider, you have a lever. It is probable that your local provider will convert your Professional Profile at a cut rate in order to get your subscription.

    Once your file and graphic have been converted, submit them by mail to TARO. They will be loaded and carried for a year free of charge.

  3. Allow TARO to Convert your Document
    You can send your photo (3.5 x 5 inches or larger) and your CV saved as an ASCII file on a disk to TARO. Print a copy of your CV on paper, just as you wish it to appear. TARO has arranged with a local server, Florida Internet , to markup your document and scan your photo for $100 per file. Check around. Unless you have an "in" with somebody, this is a competitive rate.

    Once converted, your document it will be a click away from your E-mail entry.

Professional Profile Guidelines

Uniformity is crucial to the writing of a good HTML document. It makes the reader feel comfortable, and at home as he links from page to page. Remember, your Professional Profile is one of many a reader will be reading. After looking at a few profiles, the reader should have a feel for where on the page to go to get the information he wants. To this end, all Professional Profiles should follow a common form of presentation. These are the general rules.

Not allowed:

  1. Bold in a section other than a heading. For example: "I worked 3,000,000 accidents in my career" would not be allowed. Italics are ok anywhere but be careful, they get old quickly.
  2. Any HTML syntax not included in the above list (Including Netscape Commands)

Suggestions for your Professional Profile

Within these guidelines, be original. This is your Personal Profile. Make it represent you. If you want your graphic to be a picture of your Corvette, it's your profile. If you would like spend your 25 Kb listing the names of all the students you have taught, it's your profile. Maybe you would like to use your Hypertext link ( More Information ) to whisk a reader off to the Alien Visitors Home Page. It's your profile. These are obviously absurd choices. They are offered to illustrate that while your Professional Profile's format is very restrictive, its content is wide open.

Remember, your Professional Profile will be read by your peers, those first learning about you, and people that you point here with other advertising (like a business card). It should be brief, accurate, and professional.

Here are some ideas to consider.

A good use of your graphic might be:

The text portion of your profile should: The two possible uses of you Hypertext link are: You also have the choice for your Personal Web Page address. Convention dictates that your address is the first initial of your first name followed by your last name. Ultimately your Personal Web Page address would be-

The choice of yourname is up to you. Perhaps you prefer your business name instead of your name. Availability is on a first come first serve basis. So, submit your first and second choices. More than eight characters is fine. Upper and lower case characters do make a difference.

What You are Paying For


If you want your Professional Profile published in TARO you must mail a package. Choose option 1, 2 or 3 from above. Your package will be sent one of two ways:

  1. Case #1: You are prepared and ready to go. This is a profile that you or someone else has converted to HTML. Your graphic has been scanned as a .gif. The two are less than 25 Kb combined. In this case your package should contain:
  2. Case #2: Your document needs to be formatted for HTML. This is a profile you want TARO to have converted for you. This package should contain:
Mail your package to:
TARO Professional Profile
PO Box 6200
Lake Worth, Fl

If you have further questions you can submit then through Feedback.
or call TARO at 407 965 1235,
Monday through Friday 8:00 AM till 12:30 PM EST.

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