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The Concept

It is the explicit purpose of this Web Site to:

  1. Present a critical forum for ideas and techniques used in the field of traffic accident reconstruction .
  2. Promote excellence in the field of traffic accident reconstruction through dialog, education and individual participation.
  3. View each reconstruction as an objective search for truth.
  4. Encourage communication between individuals practicing in the field of traffic accident reconstruction.
  5. Offer its contents free of charge to anyone that wants the information.
  6. Draw its operating budget solely from advertising.
This is The Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin. TARO.

What is TARO?

What is the future of TARO?

The Internet offers extraordinary possibilities for the exchange of knowledge and information. For example:

These are just the foreseen possibilities for this Web Site. In what direction will TARO evolve? That is to be seen. But surely the evolution will be prompted from readers' suggestions through the Feedback link that appears on all TARO pages.

The bulk of the work so far has been in the writing of this framework, the code that makes it work, and arranging for the hardware that makes it available on the net. The job now on this end of the TARO connection is the cataloging, support and maintenance of the information.

TARO has the potential to be something remarkable, more than just a page on the Web. If it is successful, the success will not be from the effort of one person. Hundreds must contribute their work and time. Read these pages. Get a feel for what is here. See the vision of what this could be.

If someone in the field asks for your help, give it. If you have a paper that you think relevant, submit it. If you disagree with something, state your case against it. If you can support an advertiser, buy his product. If you see a way to improve TARO, suggest it. Get involved.

Because in the end, the Internet will be what we make of it.

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